A photogrammetric mobile studio from Toruń, which we can build 'almost' ;-) in any location you specify.


Photogrammetry, or otherwise 3D scanning, is a technique for reproducing the shapes, sizes, and geometry of people and objects into a digital 3D object, based on photographic images. The process of photogrammetry involves processing the taken pictures, which are two-dimensional, into three-dimensional structures. Photogrammetry has found applications in surveying, architecture, and medicine. It has also been a strong presence in the broadly understood media and marketing industry for some time. It is commonly used in creating special effects for films, in video game and computer animation production, various marketing activities, as well as in virtual meetings and the Metaverse. These are the fields where we focus our efforts and where we feel most at home.

3D Scanning

We have created a photogrammetric cage, equipped with over 100 high-quality digital cameras. These cameras, triggered simultaneously, create images in 5K format in 14-bit RAW files. This allows for the creation of extremely detailed and photorealistic 3D scans of any object, without the need for their prolonged immobilization.

We perform scans of the head and face, which are used in animation and special effects for film. Thanks to the use of the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), a kind of "alphabet" of facial movements, we can precisely analyze and transfer facial expressions to the digital world. This enables the realistic reproduction of the facial movements of a virtual character or actor.

Our photogrammetric cage allows for the complete 3D scanning of an actor in various poses, enabling the creation of a scalable 3D model. We offer the preparation of static character models, with faithfully reproduced textures, ready for rendering, lighting, rigging, or even 3D printing. The entire process is quick, efficient, and conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

For clients who have difficulty traveling to Toruń, we offer the possibility of constructing our photogrammetric cage at a location of their choice - be it in a studio, on a film set, in an office, or a conference room. The construction assembly takes one day, and the next day we can fully utilize the capabilities of our equipment.




Special effects for films

3D scanning of characters is key to the most captivating special effects in modern cinema. This innovative technology allows for the transfer of objects from reality to the world of film, adding special effects such as character transformations or damage simulations. Our full-color 3D scans can be animated, becoming virtual actors, digital doubles, or extras in film productions and animations.



Imagine playing as yourself in your favorite game. Simply scan your body and then use it as an avatar in the best gameplay sessions! And what if we scan the body of a famous actor? Dive into the world of video gaming with your favorite celebrities and explore your favorite virtual world with them. Whether you're a game developer wanting to create breathtaking graphics or a gamer seeking more immersive experiences, photogrammetry is the key to unlocking new dimensions of excitement in games.


Break the barrier between the real and the virtual world. Photogrammetry in the metaverse is a true game-changer. Whether you belong to the sports, artistic, or industrial sector – be the first to transfer your world into virtual reality. Showcase authenticity in an entirely different dimension, accessible to people all over the world. This virtual adventure awaits and has the potential to revolutionize your business!


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