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bullet time effect

Special visual effect, until recently was reserved for the highest-grossing Hollywood productions, known among others, from 'The Matrix' directed by Wachowski siblings.

Thanks to the Time Busters, it is also available for you!


WE ARE time busters!

We are glad that you are here. You are probably involved in video production and looking for something special for your project. Or perhaps you are organizing an event and would like it to be unique and well remembered? You've come to the right place!

We stop time professionally, preserve positive emotions and let them go further into the world. We are Time Busters and we offer advanced technology for film, TVC, advertising and event productions. How do we do that? We catch moments, like Ghosbusters catch ghosts, however, we do it using our cameras. Our innovative solution allows you to experience adventures out of this world!

Bullet time effect is a special effect where multiple cameras are mounted to a construction, take pictures simultaneously or in a specified sequence with time interval. The next step is to get all the pictures together and create magic using our skills in post-production . The result of our team's work is a video of an object being frozen in time and space. The bullet time effect, also known as the Freeze Motion or Time Freeze is mainly known from the cult film of the Wachowski siblings – "Matrix". Our system, based on the 'Xangle' software. allows to obtain exceptional effects for the advertisements, movies and also works perfectly at live events. The whole range of 'SPIN' services, also known as 'Selfie 360', would be an attraction for the guests of your event and a video created by us will become a brilliant souvenir for them. Our system is the successor of the photo booths. It gives many more opportunities and fun to event guests.




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