Tune up your production with an exceptional and unique effect!


We’ve always enjoyed special effects in movies, so we started making them ourselves. Using 80 digital SLRs we create professional bullet time shots. We have already worked for Netflix, Discovery, TVN, Polsat, Real Madrid ? and we also encourage you to join this excellent group!

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Pictures of the object can be taken simultaneously or sequentially with a specified delay. Freeze Motion shots can be combined with Sequence Motion shots into one picture in the post-production process. The result of our work is a ready-made static-dynamic shot (a combination of movement and the effect of stopping in time and space), which can be used in film, television or advertising production.

The mounting system we use, gives us opportunity to create lots of shapes and forms of installations. Each camera is mounted on a special photographic mounting head, which allows cameras to be adjusted in three dimensions. Due to that, we are able to adjust the angle and height of the shot. The entire system is based on an aluminum Truss structure to obtain the appropriate stability of the installation.

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